Jermaine Dupri's Greatest Hits (From His Blog) 

Jermaine Dupri isn't responsible for too many radio hits these days, but he's definitely raking in the pageviews. In addition to his roles as rapper, producer, and mogul, the '90s R&B giant can now also call himself a content creator: For the last four years, his blog Global14 has churned out some top-quality stuff. » 2/19/15 11:16am 2/19/15 11:16am

Dwight Howard To The Nets Is Almost A Done Deal, Reports... Jermaine…

You can have your Wojnarowski, your Broussard, your Aldridge. We've got early-2000s hip hop producer and frequent Mariah Carey and Usher collaborator Jermaine Dupri, thank you. » 1/03/12 11:30am 1/03/12 11:30am

Adam Jones "Makin' It Rain": The Video (NSFW)

We compared the Las Vegas Journal Review's massive feature on the Minxx strip club incident to the Warren Report, but now we finally have the Zapruder Film. Video (that's probably not safe work) of Adam "Pacman" Jones making it rain. » 7/17/09 11:45am 7/17/09 11:45am