Pro Football Hall Of Fame Calls Up Sapp, Parcells, Ogden, Allen and Carter

The NFL's next Hall of Fame class, just announced, has a few dudes the TV made famous. There's Bill Parcells, who made a coaching career of winning two Super Bowls with the Giants and then convincing other teams believe he might ever do it again; Cris* Carter, who just proved that even Jerry Rice Lite was Hall of Fame… »2/02/13 7:24pm2/02/13 7:24pm


Here Is An Image Of Terrell Owens And Jerome Bettis Bowling Together

Did you know Terrell Owens and Jerome Bettis own bowling teams? You probably didn't know that. We sure didn't, so when this popped up on ESPN's lazy Sunday PBA coverage it gave us a bit of a start. After all, T.O.'s last stint as a pro sports team owner didn't go so well. We're told this time around it's a bit more… »1/28/13 9:00am1/28/13 9:00am

Afternoon Blogdome: Philadelphians Will Treat Alyssa Milano With Dignity And Respect

Hey, sweetheart, you wanna play who's da boss in my pants?: This is the perfect addition to a businessperson's special for the Phillies: "Any fan who purchases a piece of TOUCH product from the collection will get the chance to meet Alyssa and receive a free autographed gift from her. The meet and greet will take… »7/09/08 3:15pm7/09/08 3:15pm