Is The NFL Rigging The System To Put An Unqualified Referee In The…

Jerome Boger will referee the Super Bowl. Jerome Boger probably doesn't deserve to referee the Super Bowl. Football Zebras, a site devoted solely to NFL officiating, reported on Jan. 20 that Boger's unspectacular in-season grades for his refereeing had been mysteriously changed after the fact to make him more… » 1/29/13 3:05pm 1/29/13 3:05pm

Illicit High-Five Is Apparently A Thing Now

The NFL actually had to release a statement explaining that what happened between referee Jerome Boger and Vince Young on Monday was not technically a high five. You say "tomato," I say "terrorist palm slap." [Houston Chronicle, PFT] » 11/25/09 1:00pm 11/25/09 1:00pm

Last Night's Winner: Referee Jerome Boger

In sports, everyone is a winner-some people just win better than others. Like NFL referee Jerome Boger, who must have had something riding on last night's game. Nobody likes Vince Young that much. » 11/24/09 9:00am 11/24/09 9:00am