If You Stole Jerome Simpson's Shoes And Tea Set, Please Return Them

Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson had a rough Sunday. While the rest of us were kicking back, having a few beers, and enjoying an exciting finish to the Masters, Simpson was getting a hard lesson in the cold and uncaring nature of our world. That's because some asshole stole two pairs of Air Jordans and a $600… »4/15/13 12:13pm4/15/13 12:13pm

Cops: A Couple Of Pounds Of Marijuana Got Shipped To The Home Where Two Cincinnati Bengals Live

"An operation by state narcotics agents that tracked a shipment of high-grade marijuana from Northern California led police to a suburban Kentucky house and two National Football League players, law enforcement authorities said. Cincinnati Bengals teammates Jerome Simpson and Anthony Collins, both 25, were at… »9/21/11 8:15pm9/21/11 8:15pm