Josh Brent's Blood Alcohol Content Was More Than Twice The Legal Limit When He Flipped His Car

Irving police arrested Cowboys DT Josh Brent for "intoxication manslaughter," so we knew that he was under the influence when he flipped his car in the crash that ultimately led to Jerry Brown's death. Now, the Dallas Morning News reports that Brent's BAC was .18, more than twice the legal limit, roughly the… »12/13/12 1:45pm12/13/12 1:45pm


Cowboys DT Josh Brent Arrested On Charges Of Intoxication Manslaughter, Victim Reported To Be Member Of Cowboys' Practice Squad [Updating]

Many are reporting that the Cowboys' Josh Brent has been arrested today for intoxication manslaughter, and that the victim of the crash was Jerry Brown Jr., a Cowboys practice squad player. Brent is a nose tackle with three years of experience (profile here); Brown Jr. was a 23 25-year-old linebacker. »12/08/12 3:06pm12/08/12 3:06pm