Jerry Buss, Surrounded By Boobs: A Tribute To The Greatest NBA Owner Ever

Jerry Buss died today. The 80-year-old was arguably the greatest NBA owner in the history of the league. He was also a world-class Playmate aficionado who frequently dated teenage girls and used to host his birthday party at a brothel. To put it in more appropriate obituary terms, the man was "known for his eye for… »2/18/13 5:35pm2/18/13 5:35pm

How Phil Jackson's Handshake Deal With The Lakers Fell Apart

I'm not sure we're far enough removed to appreciate what an incredible story this is in the annals of sports: The Lakers turned down Phil Jackson. Someday they'll write a book or make a 30 for 30 about this, and we'll get all the details, but for now we just have to piece together what we know—and that includes,… »11/13/12 10:45am11/13/12 10:45am