In Case You Didn't Already Know, Recruiting Is Insane

Sam Farmer has a great piece in the L.A. Times on the difference between coaching in college football and the NFL. He interviews guys who have done both, like Pete Carroll, June Jones, Barry Switzer, and Chip Kelly, but the breakout star is easily Jerry Glanville. » 12/12/13 11:58am 12/12/13 11:58am

Hey, Mike Florio, Chuck Noll Was Not Above Confronting Another Coach…

Here's Florio, on Schwartz-Harbaugh: "Not that long ago, all coaches exuded a sense of dignity toward the game and respect toward each other. From Tom Landry to Chuck Noll to Bud Grant to John Madden to Don Shula, coaches didn't treat each other like opponents in the main event of the next pro wrestling… » 10/17/11 3:40pm 10/17/11 3:40pm

Jameer Nelson Did Not Use His Free Nosebleed Seats For The Hawks-Bulls…

Back in April, the Chicago Bulls held off the Magic 102-99 after a Jameer Nelson three-pointer came too late. Nelson congratulated Bulls guard Derrick Rose with a promise to "catch you in the second round" of the playoffs (video of the exchange is above; the mixing is not our doing) during Rose's post-game sideline… » 5/03/11 10:45am 5/03/11 10:45am

Jerry Glanville Is Movin' On Up

So you know how Jerry Glanville is now the defensive coordinator at Hawaii? That's a job that has always made sense; if you've made your money in football, and still want to be a part of it but don't want to live the insane, 20-hour-day of the modern coach, kicking back and coaching defense in Hawaii seems like a good… » 2/28/07 1:30pm 2/28/07 1:30pm