Here's Umpire Jerry Meals Trying To Avoid To A Ball And Instead Incurring The Wrath Of Yankees Fans

The New York Yankees are not getting along very well with Jerry Meals. Last week, the New York Daily News compared Meals to legendary goat Jeffrey Maier, and the usually robotic Mark Teixeira was moved to say Meals's out call in the ninth was "terrible"—he even said, " "Sometimes you wonder if the umpires are just… »9/15/12 2:30pm9/15/12 2:30pm

The Pirates' 'Formal Complaint' Over Last Night's Call Will Accomplish What, Exactly? (Update)

Absolutely nothing. But that hasn't stopped pandering homers like this in the Pittsburgh media from clamoring for the front office to "let them know the Pirates are through getting kicked around." Because nothing's gonna get the suits at MLB headquarters to bend to the Pirates' will quite like an expression of how… »7/27/11 4:03pm7/27/11 4:03pm

Deconstructing Last Night's Most Amazing Moment: Scott Proctor's Faceplant

Lots of wacky things are bound to happen in a 19-inning game, but I don't think anyone will be able to forget the lasting image of this morning's Pirates-Braves marathon: Scott Proctor tripping over his own feet while coming out of the batters box. Thankfully was all over the replays on this one, recognizing… »7/27/11 10:45am7/27/11 10:45am