Sanity: The Panthers Aren't Getting Taxpayer Money To Renovate Their 17-Year-Old Stadium

It's an inescapable conclusion at this point, but the NFL doesn't want a team in Los Angeles. A big empty lot, with the potential for a new stadium and team, is far more valuable to the league and the owners as a threat than as an actual franchise. As teams attempt to wring taxpayer money out of their communities for…

Cam Newton Doesn't Have Any Tattoos Or Piercings, And Jerry Richardson "Wants To Keep It That Way"

Back in April, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson told the Charlotte Observer that he's never wanted a "roster of 53 choirboys" on his football team, which is a very nice and almost renegade sentiment for a 75-year-old millionaire to share. But he also doesn't want a quarterback with tattoos, piercings, or long hair.