Sandusky's Lawyer: If You Believe Witness, "I Suggest You Dial 1-800-REALITY." That's A Gay Phone Sex Line. [UPDATE]

Joe Amendola, the attorney for Jerry Sandusky who thus far has been lawyerin' like a man who got his J.D. from the bottom of a cereal box, did some more lawyerin' in front of the cameras this morning. The choicest moment: At one point, Amendola discussed the possibility that Mike McQueary witnessed a rape, told Joe… »12/13/11 11:12am12/13/11 11:12am

Jerry Sandusky's Big Hearing Today Lasted Approximately One Minute [UPDATE]

Jerry Sandusky was supposed to have faced at least five of his accusers in court today, which is why so many media creatures (Deadspin included) had blown into town and all but lashed themselves to trees. Bellefonte stood at Sandusky pundit DEFCON 1. Instead, this is what happened (via's Twitter feed): »12/13/11 9:10am12/13/11 9:10am

Greetings From Happy Valley: The Giddy Scene In Bellefonte, Pa., On The Night Before Jerry Sandusky's Hearing

BELLEFONTE, Pa.—Lock Haven is a small town attached to an oily green bend of the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania. It is the kind of place where Main Street is peppered with mom-and-pop shops and a quarter in the meter buys you 150 minutes. It is also the kind of place where an evil little man with a gun will… »12/13/11 7:35am12/13/11 7:35am