Juror Says Sandusky Was Emotionless As He Heard The Verdict Because "He Knew It Was True"

Well that didn't take very long—one of the jurors from the Sandusky trial has shed some light on the deliberation process. Among other things, Joshua Harper told TODAY that he and the other jurors felt that Sandusky's lack of emotion when reacting to the verdict was "confirmation" that they had made the right… » 6/23/12 4:31pm 6/23/12 4:31pm

Meet Karl Rominger, Sandusky's Other Weirdo Attorney

By now, we are all familiar with the face of Jerry Sandusky's legal dream team. But Lawyerin' Joe is not the only whack job billing Jerry by the tenths of an hour. Meet Karl Rominger, trivia and scrapple nut. » 6/23/12 10:39am 6/23/12 10:39am

I mean, his whole feed is like that. There's really no way of making heads or tails of it, I guess like…