The L.A. Kings Taunted The Devils With Giant Jersey Shore Cutouts Yesterday

We already knew that the L.A. Kings were the most fun team to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals in recent memory, thanks in large part to the team's playful and hilarious Twitter feed and their unique style of play. They're also probably the best team to make it to the Stanley Cup finals in a while—they're the only… »6/05/12 2:40pm6/05/12 2:40pm

Snooki Body Slams Michelle McCool, And Other Great Moments From WrestleMania 27

For those of you who didn't have the $54.50 to spend on pay-per-view this weekend, we have compiled the best moment's from Sunday night's WrestleMania 27. There were many highlights: Snooki did a backflip, Stone Cold Steve Austin laid the smack down, and Trish Stratus and Michelle McCool wrestled for Josh Matthews's… »4/05/11 1:08pm4/05/11 1:08pm