The Jets' New Special Teams Coach Once Got Doinked On The Head By A Botched Snap

Before there was the buttfumble, there was this, from 1993: Jets holder Louie Aguiar hilariously getting knocked in the head by a Roger Duffy snap on an attempted field goal. The ball was recovered by the Redskins. The play was so ridiculous, so Jetsie, that it elicited an "Oh my" from Dick Enberg when Dick Enberg… » 2/06/13 12:02pm 2/06/13 12:02pm

The Cowboys Have Fired Rob Ryan, Who Says He'll Be Out Of Work "For Like Five Minutes"

After yet another season of missing the playoffs, it's been no secret that Jerry Jones was probably going to make some big changes to the coaching staff, but the first axe has apparently fallen on the neck of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who seems to be taking it all in stride. » 1/08/13 8:15pm 1/08/13 8:15pm

Beer Of The Week: Blue Buck, In Time For Canadian Thanksgiving

Monday marks a holiday that in Canada is known as Thanksgiving. Any American will recognize the basic outlines of the day: Get together with friends and family and eat until you can compare stretchmarks and then succumb to naps. That doesn't mean it's the same holiday. Care to (U) guess (S) which (A) is superior? » 10/06/12 6:07pm 10/06/12 6:07pm

Jets Owner Woody Johnson Would Rather See A Victory For Mitt Romney Than For The Jets

Constitutional law expert Woody Johnson has invested in two struggling causes: behind-in-the-polls Mitt Romney and the crashing-and-burning New York Jets. But which one is he rooting harder for? He was asked that this morning on Bloomberg TV, and this answer should not surprise anyone: » 10/01/12 2:02pm 10/01/12 2:02pm

A Grieving Rex Ryan Believes That If The Jets Make The Super Bowl, Darrelle Revis's Knee Could Be Ready

Which stage of grief is denial? Right, that's Stage 1. On Monday, when a really, really sad Rex Ryan announced that Darrelle Revis had indeed torn his ACL, the Jets coach said he wanted to talk to his star cornerback before putting him on season-ending injured reserve. » 9/28/12 3:28pm 9/28/12 3:28pm

Maybe The Jets Really Are Not Planning On Using Tim Tebow At Quarterback

As much as the Jets insisted throughout training camp and the pre-season that there was no quarterback controversy ("Mark is our starting quarterback") is it possible they were telling the truth? Did the Jets decide sometime a few weeks ago that Tim Tebow was actually going to be exclusively a running back/Wildcat… » 9/10/12 11:00am 9/10/12 11:00am

The Jets Are Actually Practicing The Wildcat In Front Of Reporters And Banning Reporters From Writing About It

Erik posted a link to Mike Sielski's Wall Street Journal column last night about the Jets' secrecy with their Wildcat formation. The column dropped a "[REDACTED]" in every place where there would have been interesting or identifying information about Tony Sparano's offense, and it was funny, because the Jets have kept… » 8/14/12 1:00pm 8/14/12 1:00pm

Jets Sued For Manipulating Ticket Prices By Men Who Wanted Jets Tickets, For Some Reason

Three men are suing the Jets for manipulating seat-license prices in an auction. The plaintiffs would have an excellent case, I think, if their judgment and credibility weren't immediately called into question by the fact that they were trying to buy Jets seat licenses. In an auction. » 5/27/09 3:30pm 5/27/09 3:30pm

Randy Moss Tells Jets That Patriots Are 'Still The Team To Beat.' That Seems Wise

If there's one thing that Matt Cassel wishes for his starting debut with the Patriots on Sunday, it's that a prominent teammate talk some smack to the opposing team, which already has a contract out on him to begin with. Oh, and a very painful cold sore; that would be good. Randy Moss just couldn't help popping off to… » 9/11/08 2:00pm 9/11/08 2:00pm