Grownup Website Editor Throws Twitter Tantrum Over His Bracelet

If you've never heard of Nilay Patel then here's what you need to know: He runs The Verge, a large, successful tech website where he last week posted a nearly 7,000-word review of the Apple Watch (for which he also shaved his forearm, for the video portion). You'd think he'd be a pretty secure man. But last night, he… »4/13/15 11:17am4/13/15 11:17am


Eight ​Reasons Why the Mangagement Ring Should Totally Be a Thing

I've never understood why men don't wear an engagement ring. Actually, scratch that: I understand why they didn't wear them in the past, when marriage was but the economic chess move of a lady, any lady from her Father to Some Other Dude. But Things Have Changed ™ so it's high time the lady-only engagement ring goes… »2/20/14 12:45pm2/20/14 12:45pm

Shaun Rogers Had Half His Salary's Worth Of Jewelry Stolen

Giants DT Shaun Rogers used to make pretty good money. He got $20 million guaranteed from Cleveland just five years ago. But legal problems (stripper assault, gun at the airport) and health problems mean the 13-year-vet is playing for relative peanuts. Earlier this month, he re-signed with the Giants for a shade over… »3/26/13 11:13am3/26/13 11:13am

Kendrick Perkins Is Angrily Demanding That You Buy A Cubic Zirconia-Encrusted Thunder Pendant, So Get On That

Kendrick Perkins took some time out of his busy basketball schedule to star in a Tim and Eric sketch advertisement for a local jewelry store in Oklahoma City, Mitchener Farrand Jewelers—"the diamond guys on May" and your "official" NBA jewelry store in Oklahoma City. »12/22/12 6:00pm12/22/12 6:00pm