Jhonny Peralta And Nelson Cruz Probably Won't Play In The Postseason

Per Pedro Gomez, Jhonny Peralta and Nelson Cruz won't be seeing any action this MLB postseason. The 50-game suspensions for their roles in the Biogenesis scandal aren't holding them back, but their respective teams are. » 8/11/13 2:09pm 8/11/13 2:09pm

Hawk Harrelson Went Silent For 63 Seconds After Jhonny Peralta's…

The good folks at Awful Announcing have the video from the Tigers' walk-off win over Hawk's beloved White Sox last night. For 63 seconds (I counted) beginning moments before the ball goes over the wall, there is pure silence from the Chicago White Sox feed. The last thing we hear is the ball was hit deep into… » 5/05/12 11:20am 5/05/12 11:20am