NCAA Suspends Jim Boeheim Nine Games, Revokes Scholarships

The NCAA has handed down its punishment against Syracuse University for a series of self-reported violations that took place over the last decade. In the NCAA's terms, the school is being punished for failing to "control and monitor" its athletics programs, and men's head basketball coach Jim Boeheim specifically is… »3/06/15 12:49pm3/06/15 12:49pm

Michigan Misses All The Free Throws, Wins Ugly Against Syracuse Anyway

A wire-to-wire (foul-fest, timeout-filled, commercial-break heavy) battle ended in Jim Boeheim making a number of very Jim Boeheim faces and a relatively easy call for the refs: Jordan Morgan taking a charge from Brandon Triche with 20 seconds left, which, in hindsight, finished off Syracuse. Michigan rode Mitch… »4/06/13 11:55pm4/06/13 11:55pm

Jim Boeheim Called Andy Katz An Idiot And A Disloyal Person

Jim Boeheim has the unique ability to sound both bored and like a complete dickhead all at the same time. And he did it tonight all over Andy Katz's face. Uconn beat Boeheim's squad 66-58 and after the game Boeheim said in his press conference to Katz: "I'll answer anybody's question but yours, because you're an… »2/13/13 10:47pm2/13/13 10:47pm

Jim Boeheim Closed His Press Conference Last Night With A Call For More Gun Control

Last night, Syracuse men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim earned his 900th career victory when his team defeated the University of Detroit Mercy 72-68. After the game, though, Boeheim seemed to have the tragedy in Newtown on his mind, as he ended with some spirited words about gun control. Boeheim asks why anybody… »12/18/12 11:35am12/18/12 11:35am

Student Reporters: Did A College Coach Ever Treat You Like Shit? Let Us Know.

We told you the other day about Charlie Weis, who flipped his shit over the coverage of his mighty Kansas Jayhawks in KU's student newspaper. A flack followed up with some passive-aggressive crypto-bullying of a student reporter. By all indications, going back to his time at Notre Dame, this is how Weis runs his… »10/12/12 10:00am10/12/12 10:00am

Under Attack From Laurie Fine's Lawsuit, ESPN Releases Full Audiotape And Accuser Mike Lang Affirms His Statements

Yesterday Laurie Fine went to a castle to announce that her husband, Bernie, the former Syracuse basketball assistant, hadn't molested anybody, and that she would be suing ESPN for libel for repeating that charge, among others. Today, ESPN and one of Fine's accusers returned her lakeside volley. »5/17/12 3:10pm5/17/12 3:10pm