Jim Bowden Claims He Was Hacked

As funny as Jim Bowden's online meltdown after being caught stealing trade news from a fake Twitter account was—and it was hilarious—attempting to pass off someone else's scoop as your own without attribution is frowned upon in this business. So Bowden's going with old reliable, the hacking defense. » 8/01/14 9:49am 8/01/14 9:49am

Jim Bowden Caught Stealing From Fake Twitter Account, Deletes Everything

Jim Bowden, former MLB executive, has fashioned himself a second career as a baseball pundit for ESPN and SiriusXM radio. Today, baseball's biggest day for movement, trade deadline day, Bowden appears to have gotten caught stealing a scoop without attribution. We know because he unwittingly stole it from a fake… » 7/31/14 2:25pm 7/31/14 2:25pm

The Pittsburgh Pirates Are Pretty Much Willing To Give Anyone A Tryout

Per Jim Bowden, they've invited Dmitri Young to their spring training complex for a workout next week. Dmitri Young. He's 38 and hasn't played a big-league game in four years. I half-expect the Pirates' next move to be ... oh, never mind. [WHYGAVS] » 2/07/12 6:55pm 2/07/12 6:55pm

The 2009 Washington Nationals: A Season Of Bigger Failure

Despite appearances, the New York Mets are not baseball's worst team. That honor belongs to the Washington Nationals, a organization whose legendary incompetence should be memorialized on the marble arches of the great city that wishes they played elsewhere. » 9/17/09 4:45pm 9/17/09 4:45pm

Jim Bowden’s (Extremely Brief) Return To Respectability

Jim Bowden, the disgraced ex-Nationals GM, stands accused of stealing ballplayers' bonus money. The team he built is on pace to lose 118 games. Naturally, ESPN wanted to hire him. » 6/05/09 10:00am 6/05/09 10:00am

Nationals GM Jim Bowden Resigns

Isn't it funny how simply adding a hyphen to "resign" gives you "re-sign," which means the exact opposite thing? So who gets the bonus money for running Jim Bowden out of town? » 3/01/09 11:45am 3/01/09 11:45am

Jim Bowden Uses Subtle Reminders Of His Authority

We're not sure what much more we can add to this photo of Nationals general manager Jim Bowden riding a Segway around the team's spring training. » 2/20/08 11:10am 2/20/08 11:10am

It's A General Manager Blood Feud!

We don't mean to imply that when you're screwed over by Washington Nationals GM Jim Bowden, it might be time to re-evaluate one's career choices, but ... » 8/09/06 12:15pm 8/09/06 12:15pm

Jim Bowden Knows When To Hold 'Em

So the big story of yesterday's trade deadline, as tends to be the case, turned out to be what not happened: Washington Nationals general manager Jim Bowden hung on to impending free agent Alfonso Soriano rather than flipping for prospects, or cash, or beans, or whatever. Because the Natinoals aren't going anywhere… » 8/01/06 11:00am 8/01/06 11:00am

The Dueling Bowden Mug Shots

Washington Nationals general manager Jim Bowden, once again forgetting that more you talk about trouble you're in, the longer it takes for it to go away, is denying that any domestic dispute preceded his arrest for a DUI last weekend in Miami. (His wife was arrested for domestic abuse as well.) » 4/20/06 11:00am 4/20/06 11:00am

More On Jim Bowden's "Incident"

So, a follow up on the National GM Jim Bowden DUI arrest last weekend: It appears that Bowden had just left a domestic dispute with his wife Joy Browning ... a dispute pretty clearly lost. » 4/19/06 1:15pm 4/19/06 1:15pm

Jim Bowden's Trades Finally Understood

Finally providing an answer to that whole "uh, what were you thinking with that Soriano trade?" business, Nationals general manager Jim Bowden was arrested and charged with drunk driving last weekend in Miami, after the Nationals-Marlins series. Bowden said he intends on pleading not guilty to the charges and would… » 4/18/06 3:45pm 4/18/06 3:45pm