The U.S. Rolls Over And Europe Roars Back To Win The Ryder Cup

Oh, fuck! The European team just stole the Ryder Cup despite beginning the day well behind on points to the U.S. team. Three Americans lost both 17 and 18 (the U.S. went 0/7 on the 17th hole), the 10-6 lead the U.S. came in with today was not safe, and Gene Wojciechowski's "Ryder Cup all but locked up for U.S." » 9/30/12 6:40pm 9/30/12 6:40pm

Jim Furyk Won $11 Million With A $39 Used Putter

Furyk liked the pro shop purchase because it had "a nick on the topline that helped him line up the ball." Apparently Furyk likes his putters the way Tiger Woods likes his women: (finish this line in the comments). [Enterprise] » 9/28/10 1:00pm 9/28/10 1:00pm

Jim Furyk DQ'ed From Playoff Event For Oversleeping

Furyk missed his tee time at The Barclays this morning because his cell phone ran out of batteries, and the alarm with it. Also, his dog ate his scorecard. [Star-Ledger] » 8/25/10 11:30am 8/25/10 11:30am