London Fletcher: Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett Is "Clueless"

This morning, former Washington linebacker and current CBS analyst London Fletcher openly wondered why defensive coordinator Jim Haslett's still employed. Fletcher played under Haslett for four seasons, and claimed that when he played, Haslett managed the defense so poorly, the linebacker would change the plays called… »12/07/14 1:30pm12/07/14 1:30pm

Jim Haslett Accidentally Recorded Himself Trying To Turn Off An iPod's Camera At The Apple Store Best Buy

According to the Youtube description, Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett went to the Apple Store Best Buy in Sterling, Va. As one does, he played around with the electronics. He turned on an iPod Touch. He turned on the camera app. He switched over to video. He pressed record. He couldn't figure out how to… »2/21/13 4:15pm2/21/13 4:15pm