Jim Lampley Is Only Guilty Of Following His Heart (Oh, And His Ex. Her Too.)

In a San Diego court yesterday, waxen HBO broadcaster Jim Lampley pled no contest to violating a restraining order against him filed by an ex-girlfriend. She claims that Lampley threw her against walls a door in their hotel room on New Years Eve, and for a former Miss California, being thrown against a wall by Jim… »2/23/07 11:45am2/23/07 11:45am

Lampley's Accuser Really Could Have Done Better Than Lampley

The woman who accused Jim Lampley of slapping her around has been identified, and it's... well, it's a nice pull on the part of Jim Lampley, that's what it is. Her name is Candice Sanders, and she was Miss California USA 2003. What she was doing with Jim Lampley, I couldn't tell you. She probably has her own questions… »1/07/07 5:30pm1/07/07 5:30pm