Former New York Yankee Great Jim Leyritz Will Be At A Penn Station…

Here's something: A bookstore in the commuter centrifuge that is Penn Station will host a Jim Leyritz book signing event for a book—Catching Heat—that came out almost a year ago. » 5/06/12 3:56pm 5/06/12 3:56pm

The Newark Bears Will Celebrate Jim Leyritz Night With A $2,000…

Even without mixed drinks, it sends mixed signals. A year ago, Leyritz was found innocent of felony manslaughter, but guilty of DUI in a 2007 crash. » 8/23/11 1:25pm 8/23/11 1:25pm

Jim Leyritz Found Not Guilty of Felony Manslaughter, Guilty Of…

Looks like a judge forcing the jury back into deliberations when they cried "deadlocked!" worked out well for former Yankee Jim Leyritz. From the Sun Sentinel ... » 11/20/10 2:00pm 11/20/10 2:00pm

Jim Leyritz Busted On Domestic Battery Charges

Leyritz, awaiting his DUI manslaughter trial, was arrested today on charges that he dragged his ex-wife out of bed and shoved her, allegedly because she wrote a check without his permission. As you might guess, this one's a little weird. » 7/02/09 5:00pm 7/02/09 5:00pm

Jim Leyritz Fans, Cancel That Flight To Newark

"Jim Leyritz won't be honored Sunday afternoon by the Newark Bears, after all. The former Yankee, who had been scheduled to appear as part of a Legends Sunday promotion by the team, will be replaced by Roy White." The power of the press! [The Star-Ledger] » 5/30/09 3:00pm 5/30/09 3:00pm

The Rehabilitation Of Jim Leyritz Continues Apace, One Minor League…

Get out your autograph books, kids — it's Legends Sunday at the Newark Bears' ballpark, and guess who'll be there! Why, none other than Jim "Jimmy" Leyritz, the legend on trial for vehicular manslaughter! » 5/29/09 4:00pm 5/29/09 4:00pm

Jim Leyritz's Life Somehow Gets Even Sadder

Former Yankee Jim Leyrtiz—who is still awaiting trial on a fatal DUI incident—was placed in a psychiatric hospital last night after allegedly threatening to commit suicide. » 5/14/09 4:30pm 5/14/09 4:30pm

Jim Leyritz Drinks Again, Goes Directly To Jail

Jim Leyritz must have forgotten that he was out on bail for a DUI manslaughter case, because he just had that bail revoked for drinking again. At least the breathalyzer issue is solved. [FoxNews] » 2/13/09 3:42pm 2/13/09 3:42pm

Jim Leyritz Will Soldier On Somehow

You no doubt recall the legal trouble facing Jim Leyritz, the former Yankee who is free on bail pending his DUI manslaughter trial. Leyritz is accused of being involved in an accident while driving drunk, in which a young mother was killed. Well, last week Leyritz asked a judge to remove a Breathalyzer device from his… » 11/18/08 11:30am 11/18/08 11:30am

Remember To Have Sympathy For Jim Leyritz Tonight

Former Yankees' catcher Jim Leyritz, seen above, wobbling and ivehashjushacoupladrinksh-ing for Fort Lauderdale police before his DUI arrest last Dec. 28th is upset. That night Leyritz, 44, was involved in an accident with 30-year-old Plantation, Fla., native Freida Veitch. Veitch had a BAC of .18, but was killed in… » 7/15/08 4:30pm 7/15/08 4:30pm

Ex-Yankee Jim Leyritz Drives Drunk, Kills Woman

Oh gee, what a glorious way to end the sports year! Ugh. Former Yankees catcher Jim Leyritz was arrested Friday on charges of driving under the influence and killing another driver. He posted the $11,000 bond and was released. (Note: $11,000 can pay for one hell of a cab ride, Jim.) » 12/29/07 11:00am 12/29/07 11:00am

Leyritz was apparently out…