Who's The Latest Person To Say Dumb Things About Gay Players In The NFL?

Why it's former journeyman quarterback Jim Miller! Everyone, you remember Jim, right? Jim is best known for his stint in Chicago, including leading the Bears to the 2001 playoffs, but now works as a postgame analyst on CSN Chicago and lives a good, conservative, god-fearing life. » 2/27/13 10:55am 2/27/13 10:55am

Report: Michelle Beadle Is Leaving ESPN For NBC

As expected, it looks like Michelle Beadle is leaving Bristol. Those Guys Have All The Fun author Jim Miller tweeted today that the Beadle "ESPN era is over." It appears she is headed to NBC. Miller said she will serve as co-host for Access Hollywood (alongside Billy Bush), will host a "new show," and cover major sporting… » 5/11/12 2:41pm 5/11/12 2:41pm

ESPN Book To Become Future Major Motion Picture About Bristol Guys…

According to an insider from one of the major talent agencies, Hollywood has expressed significant interest in turning the Miller/Shales oral history of ESPN into a blockbuster movie. It's in the very early stages but, according to our source, one lucky studio will make a major financial investment to create a Social… » 6/29/11 2:50pm 6/29/11 2:50pm

"Those Guys Have All The Fun," Will Make Many "Fun" ESPN Employees Crap…

There's a creeping paranoia in Bristol thanks to the upcoming 2011 release of Jim Miller's and Tom Shales's massive oral history of ESPN. What filthy skeletons will reveal themselves? Even ESPN execs will have to wait. » 8/03/10 1:45pm 8/03/10 1:45pm