After Blown Save Jonathan Papelbon Promises $5K For A Walk-Off Homerun, Jim Thome Cashes In

Jim Thome hit his 13th game-winning home run yesterday, good enough for a weird Major League record only the folks at Elias think about. It was also good enough for $5,000, according to Jonathan Papelbon. Paps came in to a 6-4 Phillies lead over the Tampa Bay Rays in the ninth inning and promptly gave it away on a… »6/24/12 11:00am6/24/12 11:00am

Jim Thome Is Just A "Big, Friendly Farm Boy," And Other Aw-Shucks Observations

On Monday night, Minnesota's Jim Thome became the eighth player in MLB history to hit 600 career home runs. Sports media has declared that not enough people noticed his feat (to its credit, though, the condom sector did). So let us humbly praise the humble man who is, in the immortal words of Tim Kurkjian, a "good… »8/17/11 3:45pm8/17/11 3:45pm