How Do Recovering Cheaters Comply With NCAA Regulations?

While the NCAA has a vested interest in keeping premier programs strong, the Urban Meyer hire at Ohio State may still have been disheartening to those in charge of keeping the school's football team in line. Five months after paragon Buckeye Jim Tressel resigned in the wake of a non-compliance scandal that vacated a… »10/13/12 6:15pm10/13/12 6:15pm

Daily Screencap Classic: Jim Tressel Can't Believe His Eyes

I'm in the office this week instead of my usual militarized sports media bunker in Jacksonville, which (ironically?) means it won't be easy to do my job grab our usual screencaps. Thus, I elected to remind ourselves of the mass outrage just one short year ago when we learned Jim Tressel did various things that seem… »7/25/12 9:30am7/25/12 9:30am

Roger Goodell Enforces The Laws That Roger Goodell Came Up With Just Now

Jim Tressel followed in the footsteps of his protégé Terrelle Pryor by jumping to the NFL, and he's going to suffer silently on the sidelines along with him. Yesterday the Colts announced Tressel will sit out the first six weeks, a penalty that was self-imposed because the Commissioner's office was unusually quiet.… »9/06/11 1:40pm9/06/11 1:40pm

Jim Tressel Embarrasses Roger Goodell By Self-Imposing Goodell's Stupid Idea Of Justice

Has there ever been a string of punishments/non-punishments more baffling than Roger Goodell's recent run? Lacking a clear directive but wielding the personal-conduct policy like Zeus's discriminate lightning bolts, no one plays unless the Commish decides he's "ready," and the Commish doesn't have to justify himself… »9/05/11 12:10pm9/05/11 12:10pm

What It's Like When The Media Circle Their Prey (With Attorneys!): Documents From ESPN's Lawsuit Against Ohio State

When news of the Jim Tressel memorabilia scandal broke in March, the media peppered Ohio State with public records requests. Ohio State deflected as many as possible. The school made life difficult for us. More important, the school made life difficult for ESPN. And you do not anger the worldwide leader! Yesterday,… »7/12/11 4:40pm7/12/11 4:40pm

A Brief Interview With An Ohio State Fan Who Named His Kid "Tressel"

Andy Tomcho is a Cleveland native, former Ohio State student, and die-hard Buckeyes fan who, upon the arrival of his first-born son, graced him with the only name that made sense: Tressel Andrew Tomcho. Named, of course, for deified OSU football coach Jim Tressel. This was nearly two years ago, far happier times for… »6/02/11 4:55pm6/02/11 4:55pm