Jason Babin Blasts The Eagles And Their "Socialistic System"

Before the 2011 season, the Eagles brought in Jim Washburn and then Jason Babin—who's only ever thrived in Washburn's 4-3. It worked well for a year, when Babin recorded a team-record 18 sacks. Like everything else defensive-related in Philly this year though, the D-line play has gone to shit. The Eagles released… »12/26/12 4:10pm12/26/12 4:10pm


Philadelphia Eagles' Line Coaches Jim Washburn And Howard Mudd Were Apparently Dicks To Everyone

After suffering their eighth straight loss last night, the Philadelphia Eagles tossed defensive line coach Jim Washburn. Washburn was brought in only for his "Wide 9" scheme—hell, they signed the now-crazypants Jason Babin just to help the formation succeed—but since Babin's gone and Andy Reid needs his required… »12/03/12 1:50pm12/03/12 1:50pm