Kevin Harvick Shoving Jimmie Johnson Marks The Start Of NASCAR's Chase

Like the changing colors of the leaves, children returning back to school and the three-tailed flying dung-birds returning to roost in Capistrano or something, certain events mark the start of a season. NASCAR’s Chase for the Sprint Cup doesn’t seem official until grown dudes are shoving each other over race cars.
»9/20/15 8:27pm9/20/15 8:27pm


Jimmie Johnson Wins Daytona 500; Danica Patrick First Woman To Place In Top 10

NASCAR elected to go on with the Dayton 500 today after Kyle Larson's wreck at the same track yesterday, when his car's engine flew through the protective fence and into the crowd before debris injured 28 spectators. Jimmie Johnson won the race for his second career victory at the Daytona 500, but the biggest news… »2/24/13 5:51pm2/24/13 5:51pm

Is Jimmie Johnson's Third Straight Cup THAT Big A Deal?

ESPN is really trumpeting the impending NASCAR Sprint Cup championship of Jimmie Johnson. Jimmie has racked up so many points before this final race that all he has to do is keep his blood-alcohol level below a .15 and he'll win his third straight Cup. But, and I'm asking sincerely, how big a deal is that? If we were… »11/16/08 2:45pm11/16/08 2:45pm