Something's Going On With Ryne Sandberg And Jimmy Rollins

Ryne Sandberg inherited a mess when he took over as interim manager last summer, but his first spring training running the Phillies is off to an especially inauspicious beginning. He's already butted heads with Jimmy Rollins, benching him three straight days without explanation, and the two haven't spoken since Monday. »3/13/14 11:28am3/13/14 11:28am

Google Translating World Baseball Classic Coverage: "The Shortstop, Jimmy Rollins Hit Embazó With The Forest Law"

Last night, the U.S. played its first game in this year's World Baseball Classic, and we learned a number of things: 1. America's official language is English, 2. The best the U.S. can do for an ace in an international competition is a kuckle-balling 38-year old, and 3. "With people on the pads, Luis Cruz drove the… »3/09/13 12:15pm3/09/13 12:15pm

Philadelphia Lazily Goes Through The Motions Of Complaining That Jimmy Rollins Doesn't Hustle

Sure, the Philadelphia Phillies, with their $173 million payroll, are 10 games under .500 and scrambling to catch the Mets for third place in the division. They have an OPS+ of 89 and only one position player on the active roster who was born after 1983. But they're unafraid to confront the real problem with the… »8/17/12 4:20pm8/17/12 4:20pm

Jimmy Rollins Goes On Paternity Leave Exactly Nine Months After Straining Groin. Hmmm.

Today, the Phillies placed Jimmy Rollins on the paternity leave list after his wife gave birth to their first child, a daughter. On August 22 of last year, Rollins went on the disabled list with a grade 2 strain of his right groin. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that I don't really understand orthopedics. »5/22/12 2:10pm5/22/12 2:10pm

Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins Remix "Take Me Out To the Ballgame"

Don't underestimate the work done by Rollins here. He's providing the beat in that way somebody in sixth grade always would, by banging on a desk. His knuckles have to be sore by the end of the song but you can't even tell. That's heart. »7/22/08 3:05pm7/22/08 3:05pm

Anyway, not that you care, but this is evidently associated with some stupid… »7/22/08 3:05pm7/22/08 3:05pm