J.J. Putz Gets Interrupted By "Kickstart My Heart," Spikes Ball

Theories confirmed by this clip of J.J. Putz spiking the ball after his warm-up is interrupted by a little Mötley Crüe include a) It is never not funny to see pitchers fail to deliver the ball home and b) Baseball announcers don't really love the Crüe. » 8/11/13 10:50am 8/11/13 10:50am

Mets Shore Up Their Crappy Bullpen

And Mets fans have reminded me several times that I have yet to post this news. Like Dan, who sent the email featured below. He's been deputized Deadspin Mets correspondent for this afternoon. » 12/11/08 2:45pm 12/11/08 2:45pm