Tim McCarver Says Farewell. That's Another Word For Goodbye, Which Is A Thing People Say When They're Parting Ways.

Tim McCarver signed off for the last time on Fox last night. In the video above, Joe Buck says "I love you" three times. McCarver's last word on a national broadcast is "ditto." Let's all be nice and remember there was a time when McCarver was actually really very good. »10/31/13 10:09am10/31/13 10:09am

Artie Lange Snorted Vicodin And Drank Some Whiskey Before Torching Joe Buck's HBO Show

Four 10-milligram Vicodin tablets, crushed up and snorted, and a couple of whiskeys, to be exact. This information comes to us from, and it gives us a bit more clarity on what exactly was going through Artie's mind when he went on Joe Buck Live and asked Joe Buck if his second favorite website was… »9/24/12 2:08pm9/24/12 2:08pm

A.J. Pierzynski Will Be Irritating You On World Series Broadcasts This Year

Fox Sports announced today, per USA Today, that once-blond nuisance (and current White Sox starting catcher) AJ Pierzynski would join Eric Karros' pompadour and the formerly frosted, still gelled tips of Chris Rose on Fox's World Series pregame and postgame coverage. Yuck. (We presume Jeanne Zelasko and Kevin Kennedy… »10/03/11 7:45pm10/03/11 7:45pm

Pearl Jam Fan Notes: Joe Buck Talks About The Night Eddie Vedder Made Him Squeal

My homework assignment from my good friends at Deadspin was to write about my interaction with Pearl Jam and in particular Eddie Vedder in honor of their 20th Anniversary. The difficulty in this assignment is writing it without coming off like a name-dropping ass. Well for those of you who don't like me—enjoy, and for… »9/22/11 3:45pm9/22/11 3:45pm