Artie Lange Snorted Vicodin And Drank Some Whiskey Before Torching Joe…

Four 10-milligram Vicodin tablets, crushed up and snorted, and a couple of whiskeys, to be exact. This information comes to us from, and it gives us a bit more clarity on what exactly was going through Artie's mind when he went on Joe Buck Live and asked Joe Buck if his second favorite website was… » 9/24/12 2:08pm 9/24/12 2:08pm

Joe Buck Live Pretty Much Dead, Joe Buck Says

Fox's Joe Buck seems convinced "Joe Buck Live" will be canceled, but HBO still hasn't made it official. HBO reps went the "no comment" route when we asked about the show's status. Joe Buck sent us these parting thoughts: » 3/26/10 12:30pm 3/26/10 12:30pm

Joe Buck Live Still Not Dead

Joe Buck's Cavalcade of Sporting Chit-Chat and Penis Whimsy returns for its third edition next week, and this time he's actually booked a few black people. » 12/02/09 12:00pm 12/02/09 12:00pm

Joe Buck Live Lives!

Next week brings the joyous return of Joe Buck's Cavalcade of Sporting Chit-Chat and Penis Whimsy, now with what promises to be a marked emphasis on the former over the latter, unless Joe Namath is off the wagon again. » 9/14/09 10:45am 9/14/09 10:45am

Buckhunter Artie Lange Charged With DUI

Artie Lange, ever the unlucky Pierre, has been popped on suspicion of DUI, Joe Buck's favorite web site is reporting. That is a disgusting act. [TMZ] » 7/10/09 3:30pm 7/10/09 3:30pm

No More "Comedy" On Joe Buck Live?

Well this was kind of expected. According to one source at HBO, the program has decided to do away with the comedy aspect of the show and go back to a more traditional Costas-like format. » 6/26/09 10:21am 6/26/09 10:21am

Artie Lange's Post-Buck Interview Round-Up

Plus, Stern's odd little shout-out to Tommy Craggs ("I think he's from Miami") at the 9:20 mark here. 11 years later, Lange's firebombing is still not as awkwardHoward's on the ill-fated "Magic Hour."[Bob's Blitz] » 6/22/09 8:45am 6/22/09 8:45am

HBO Mercifully Shortened "Overtime" Segment To Stave Off Further…

The 7 minute online segment was originally supposed to be 15 minutes. Oof: "Ross Greenburg decided to cut it short. Let's be honest, it wasn't our best TV. It was a regrettable interview." [Philly Inquirer/The Mexican] » 6/17/09 4:48pm 6/17/09 4:48pm

When Joe Buck Was Still Young And Untarnished By Insults

In the vast post-mortem of "Joe Buck Live," there's been an uptick of interest in Buck's previous comedy-interview effort — those slightly encouraging Bud TV interview specials from 2007. » 6/17/09 3:10pm 6/17/09 3:10pm

Who Is The Lucky Pierre In This Joe Buck Live Rundown?

Last night, on The Laugh Hour with Joe Buck: Artie Lange firebombing the set, Brett Favre cursing, Ochocinco and Michael Irvin, and "Amy Sedaris' brother" in a Braylon Edwards moment. The media dissects Joe Buck: » 6/16/09 4:45pm 6/16/09 4:45pm

Joe Buck's Phony Outrage Over Joe Buck's Show

Ignore all the pretend handwringing today. Artie Lange gave last night's Joe Buck Dry Humor And Sporting Chit-Chat Extravaganza exactly what it wanted. Something that could be manufactured into a controversy, and something about which Joe Buck could be virtuous. » 6/16/09 10:30am 6/16/09 10:30am

Joe Buck Will Slay You

You guys getting pumped for HBO's Joe Buck Dry Humor And Sporting Chit-Chat Hour? No? How about if I told you the topic of the first show? "Celebrities in Sports — Fans blur the line between celebrities and atheletes." Sic! » 6/11/09 6:00pm 6/11/09 6:00pm

Joe Buck Is The King Of Comedy

In two weeks, Joe Buck arrives on HBO with his new live sports interview show, creatively titled Joe Buck Live. If you think it sounds suspiciously like "Costas Now," the show he's replacing, there's one important difference you haven't considered: "The one-hour show....will be heavy on comedy." Oh boy. » 6/01/09 12:30pm 6/01/09 12:30pm