Legendary Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs Gave The Dallas Cowboys A Peptalk…

The Dallas Cowboys were in Charlotte this weekend to take on the the Carolina Panthers. Charlotte also happens to be the home of Joe Gibbs, former coach of the bitter rival Washington Redskins. Jason Garrett, seeing opportunity where others see mostly hate, called on Gibbs and asked him to address his team for its… » 10/21/12 10:12pm 10/21/12 10:12pm

Joe Gibbs: "I Was Queer For Tight Ends"

Joe Gibbs was just on ESPN Radio and ESPN News with Ryen Russillo and Bram Weinstein, and he had an ... interesting way of expressing his feelings toward tight ends (and toward Charles Oakley, who had just finished his appearance on the show). » 8/15/12 3:41pm 8/15/12 3:41pm

Blogdome: The NCAA Can Screw Up Anything

• If there's a way to rectify a wrong by screwing over a student-athlete, rest assured that the NCAA will find it. [The Sports Frog]
• Some excuses Rafael Palmeiro didn't come up with. [Zulkey]
• It's bad enough that the Mets have collapsed. But do fans have to watch Jose Offerman too? Come on, that's just mean. [… » 9/14/05 12:26pm 9/14/05 12:26pm