Report: Joe Girardi Called Out Yankees Before Jeter's Final Home Game

The Derek Jeter farewell tour is nice, but it's also serving as a distraction for a large concern in the Bronx: The Yankees have now missed the postseason for a second straight season. Excluding the 1994 season, which had no playoffs due to a strike, that hasn't happened since 1992-1993. Manager Joe Girardi made sure… »9/28/14 12:24pm9/28/14 12:24pm

Joe Girardi Says Rays Pitchers Aren't Good Enough To Safely Pitch Inside

The race for third place in the AL East is a snippy one, with the Ray's honoring Derek Jeter before last night's game, then clipping him with a fastball in on the hands. Afterward Joe Girardi blasted the Rays for hitting so many Yankees batters recently, but with a twist: instead of accusing them of doing it… »9/17/14 3:30pm9/17/14 3:30pm

Joe Girardi's Father Died, And The New York Post Seriously Fucked Up Their Headline

Today the Yankees announced that manager Joe Girardi's father passed away. Jerry Girardi had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for years, and this New Yorker article describes how Joe would make the six-hour drive to the nursing home in Illinois every time the Yankees traveled to Chicago. »10/11/12 4:30pm10/11/12 4:30pm

Joe Girardi And Joel Sherman Had Themselves A Good Old Fashioned Bitchfest Last Night

Last night, the Yankees lost to the Orioles on a botched third out call that made everyone go a little crazy. It actually started before (and likely caused) the blown call: Mark Teixeira decided sliding head first was a good idea. He was called out. He then said the umps wanted to get home early and blew the call on… »9/09/12 11:10am9/09/12 11:10am

Joe Girardi Confronted A Heckler During His Postgame Press Conference

Joe Girardi wasn't in the best of moods tonight after the Yankees lost 2-1 to the White Sox, so it's pretty understandable that he'd want to interrupt his postgame media gaggle to go beat the shit out of some Chicago heckler. Most impressive, though, is that Girardi comes back to the huddle and continues his thought… »8/23/12 12:07am8/23/12 12:07am

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Is Really Upset That Joe Girardi Blew Him Off, But Why?

Bob Raissman has the story today of what happens when the manager of the New York Yankees skips a scheduled radio spot with a satellite host best known for tantrums and rhotacism. Apparently Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is quite angry, which isn't new, but there's actually something interesting about the source of his anger,… »3/25/11 5:00pm3/25/11 5:00pm