Watch Jason Kidd Play Mind Games With Joe Johnson

This is a cool moment from last night's triple-OT thriller between the Bucks and Nets. Just before the last possession of the second overtime, cameras caught Bucks (and former Nets) head coach Jason Kidd going at the Nets' huddle with some well-timed chirping. » 11/20/14 3:27pm 11/20/14 3:27pm

The Heat Didn't Care That Joe Johnson Had A 34-Point Game

Joe Johnson hadn't scored more than 19 points in the first four games of the Nets-Heat series. Tonight, he was seemingly sinking everything with Brooklyn down 3-1. Miami wasn't fazed, though. » 5/14/14 10:27pm 5/14/14 10:27pm

LeBron Is The Human Analytic, And He's Unstoppable

Last night's Game 4 between the Heat and Nets came down to a three-play sequence that was laced with a fun bit of irony. With just under two minutes to go, game tied at 94, the Heat—the team paced throughout the night by its star cannon-balling his way to 49 points—rode out the game's crisis point with a set play that… » 5/13/14 5:40pm 5/13/14 5:40pm

Kevin Garnett Calls Joe Johnson "Joe Jesus"; The Reason Why Is Hilarious

Kevin Garnett may not be the impact player he once was, but he still brings plenty of value when it comes to bestowing nicknames on his teammates. » 1/07/14 12:30pm 1/07/14 12:30pm

The Bulls Win 3OT Classic Against Nets And What The Hell Is This Photo

As we noted a couple of times (Nate Robinson scuffling! Nate Robinson banking in a 20-foot runner!) this afternoon the Bulls' 142-134 triple overtime win over the Nets was straight-up bananagrams and what on earth is happening in this AP photo. » 4/27/13 8:05pm 4/27/13 8:05pm

Joe Johnson Makes Two Perfect Last-Second Shots In One Game

There are two types of great buzzer-beaters. The first kind is the end result of a well-executed inbounds play, one that involves screens and misdirection and ends with a shooter getting open just long enough to rise up for a clean shot at the rim. (See: LeBron James saving Cleveland's season in Game 2 of the… » 2/20/13 10:50am 2/20/13 10:50am

"That Was Real, And That Was Spectacular!" Ian Eagle Shoehorned A …

I watched this game while sort of glancing at the television and then looking away again, so when I first heard this call, from the YES Network's Ian Eagle, I thought it was pretty irredeemably dweeby, regardless of the quality of the source material. Now that I've watched again and seen that Jerry Seinfeld was in » 12/15/12 1:25pm 12/15/12 1:25pm

Paul Pierce Got His Ankles Broken For The Second Time This Week

Paul Pierce is looking old these days. On Sunday, Jameer Nelson victimized him with a nasty crossover, leaving Pierce flat on his back. Last night, Pierce ended up looking helpless and silly yet again after being brought to his hands and knees by a Joe Johnson crossover. This instance of ankle breakage is especially… » 11/29/12 1:00pm 11/29/12 1:00pm

"The Trade For Joe Johnson Really Solidified Our Vision." Get Excited,…

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Avery Johnson says Brooklyn is "top three or four" in the East right now. » 7/13/12 6:30pm 7/13/12 6:30pm

The Joe Johnson Trade Doesn't Yet Mean Anything For The Nets

The Nets have spent the last 48 hours either assembling a superteam that will contend immediately for a championship, or ruining their first half-decade in Brooklyn. Since last night, the team finalized a deal with the Atlanta Hawks to send just under a third of their roster south in order to acquire Joe Johnson, the… » 7/03/12 4:30pm 7/03/12 4:30pm

NBA All-Star Joe Johnson Likes Bling, Dislikes Paying For It

According to a complaint filed by Pak's Jewelers in Milwaukee, Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks placed a $74,389.20 order for a variety of bejeweling accessories but "never paid any portion of the monetary balance." » 2/17/11 9:15pm 2/17/11 9:15pm

Dear LeBron: You See This Shit?

Joe Johnson announced he's returning to the Hawks, and he did it via a column in the Huffington Post. I think you and I, LeBron, can do better than that. I've got a proposition for you. » 7/05/10 11:30am 7/05/10 11:30am

Three Random Dudes Agree To Play H-O-R-S-E

Kevin Durant, O.J. Mayo, and Joe Johnson will be the three competitors in the NBA H-O-R-S-E contest on Saturday. Try to contain yourself. [USA Today] » 2/10/09 5:00pm 2/10/09 5:00pm