Tim Keown's Story On Joe Mauer Wants Minnesota To Get Bent

You're probably used to this sort of subtle cudgel being twirled at cities like New York and Boston, which tend to chew through their heroes just as quickly as they can exalt them. But Tim Keown's piece in the current issue of ESPN The Pulp-Based Periodical is one of the rare stories that quietly rips a place with… » 9/22/12 10:44pm 9/22/12 10:44pm

Joe Mauer: Man Muscles, And Stylish Classics, For Every Moment

We'll admit it; we love Bat-girl. She would be our one and only Internet squeeze, if it wasn't for our desperate, wholly inappropriate cyber crush on Ashley Harkleroad. One reason that Bat-girl is the best: She recently gave us this, the Joe Mauer Fashion Spread from Travel and Leisure Magazine. Yesterday we told you » 6/30/06 2:30pm 6/30/06 2:30pm