Joe Montana And Matt Leinart, BFF, Or Something

It has been amusing, as we flip through the NFL season preview mags we keep buying — are they always out this early? — is that every single one of them mentions Matt Leinart's fun-loving beer bonging. As we said from the get-go, the reason those pictures took off was because they fit into an existing narrative: Matt… » 6/06/08 3:45pm 6/06/08 3:45pm

Don't Take Joe Montana's Picture, He Thinks It Steals Your Soul

The legendary Joe Montana has to be a little antsy this weekend. The 49ers don't get an early first round draft pick. He's got people covering his shift at his diner. And if Tom Brady wins a fourth Super Bowl ring and third Super Bowl MVP, it'll tie Joe Cool on both counts. » 2/02/08 2:20pm 2/02/08 2:20pm

A security guard to break up the…