Saints Wide Receiver Joe Morgan Doesn't Watch ESPN Because Of Skip…

Joe Morgan had one of the more memorable touchdowns this week when he sent a Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender flipping over him, collected himself and trotted into the endzone. Unfortunately for Morgan, he was unable to watch his highlight reel catch on the ultimate highlight reel because he is a man of principle.
» 10/22/12 10:50pm 10/22/12 10:50pm

Deadspin's Guide To Moneyball

The much-delayed Moneyball film finally pops into your area cinemaplex today, marking one of nerds' few victories in a September filled with Red Sox defeats. We take particular interest in this film, and not just because we've long yearned to see someone portraying Chad Bradford dance across the screen. Rather, it's a… » 9/23/11 7:42pm 9/23/11 7:42pm

Joe Morgan Will Lead The World's Largest Chicken Dance For Cincinnati's…

We—all of us, here with our computers and our calculators and our Moneyballs—fired Joe Morgan from ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball last year. Poor Joe now toils in the Cincinnati Reds front office, advising Walt Jocketty on which mediocre outfielder has the most hustle. ("It might be Chris Heisey, but it could be Drew… » 9/09/11 12:20pm 9/09/11 12:20pm

My Uncomfortable Encounter With An Angry Joe Morgan

In 2005, I wrote a story for SF Weekly about the now-unemployed Joe Morgan, who at the time was leading a proudly ignorant rearguard action against Michael Lewis's Moneyball. Joe and I met one Sunday before a Giants game and chatted for a while about the book (which he hadn't read). Joe got a little angry. Joe said… » 11/09/10 2:20pm 11/09/10 2:20pm