Joe Paterno Interview Transcript: “Yea, I Guess You'd Call It Sexual”

John Ziegler, the Joe Paterno apologist whom even people related to Joe Paterno want nothing to do with, recently published a book that defends Joe Paterno's role in the Jerry Sandusky sex-abuse scandal. And by "recently published a book" I mean Ziegler posted some 80,000 words on his website last week, slapped a… »7/16/13 7:24pm7/16/13 7:24pm


Joe Paterno Wants Us To Believe He Has Never Heard Of "Rape And A Man." Joe Paterno Is Full Of Shit.

Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post scored a precious exclusive interview with Joe Paterno last week and summarily pissed away the opportunity by deploying every tired Paterno cliche that gives Joe Posnanski an erection. He's lived in the same house for dickety-two years! He turned down the Pats because he loved Penn… »1/16/12 10:38am1/16/12 10:38am