The Art Of The Insult: How To Win A Swearing Contest With Dignity

A few years ago, Joe Posnanski—formerly a Kansas City sportswriter, and today famous as a JoePa apologist—interviewed me about one of my books and posted my answers on his blog. He asked me whether, if I'd become a major league pitcher, I still would have become a writer. I emailed, "No. I would have continued… » 3/17/14 1:39pm 3/17/14 1:39pm

Brian De Palma Will Direct That Forthcoming Joe Paterno Movie Starring Al Pacino

We learned back in September that Joe Posnanski's book Paterno would be hitting the big screen, and that Al Pacino had been lined up to play the late Penn State coach. We hadn't heard anything since then, so we hadn't thought anything of it, at least not until we saw this Deadline report: » 1/17/13 7:40pm 1/17/13 7:40pm

The Six Things You Should Know About Joe Posnanski's Paterno Book

Joe Posnanski has written a mostly sympathetic biography of Joe Paterno, which shouldn't be a surprise, given some of Posnanski's previous statements. It's a book at war with itself. At its best, it's a clear-eyed biography of a guy who became a cautionary tale about the dangers of mythmaking; at its worst, the… » 8/20/12 5:03pm 8/20/12 5:03pm

Joe Posnanski Says He Told Joe Paterno He Should Have Done More To Stop Jerry Sandusky

We've obtained a copy of Joe Posnanski's book, Paterno, which is scheduled for release Tuesday. We've already shared some reactions from others who have had a chance to read an advance copy. And while we're still parsing through the book, we're passing along certain details as we come across them. » 8/19/12 5:20pm 8/19/12 5:20pm

Even Sports Illustrated Doesn't Want Anything To Do With Joe Posnanski's Paterno Biography

The first review of Joe Posnanksi's Joe Paterno biography is in and it isn't good: Offered first serial rights to a book written by a former Sports Illustrated senior writer, the magazine said no. Assistant managing editor Chris Hunt confirmed to Deadspin that SI passed on running an excerpt. Posnanski, who left SI » 7/17/12 12:30pm 7/17/12 12:30pm

Joe Posnanski's Book On Joe Paterno Will Be Finished Before The Sandusky Trial

Joe Posnanski didn't go to Happy Valley to write about the unhappy end of Joe Pateno's life and career. He intended it as an eternal Father's Day gift, a sappy and sentimental picture of the aging lion in repose. It was originally scheduled to be released in time for Father's Day, and Posnanski said of Paterno (well… » 4/27/12 5:45pm 4/27/12 5:45pm

A Plea To Joe Posnanski: Stop Writing Mealy-Mouthed Nonsense About Joe Paterno

Sports Illustrated's Joe Posnanski is in a tough spot. He's a gifted writer and by all appearances a decent guy. His decency is his defining characteristic; he grew up rooting for doomed Cleveland teams and covered the worthless Kansas City Royals, but he never gave in to the urge to be a hatchet man. If Posnanski… » 1/25/12 2:56pm 1/25/12 2:56pm

Journalists Address PSU's JoePa Class This Morning, Say He's a Scapegoat

There is no more telling fact than PSU having a regular class about Joe Paterno. Comm 497G: Joe Paterno, Communications & the Media, better known as "JoePa Class," studies the media through the lens of the longtime football coach. Today was obviously not a normal day. Instead, Joe Posnanski and Pat Forde spoke to… » 11/10/11 11:50am 11/10/11 11:50am

Dear Joe Posnanski: Baseball Is Not Like Life

In our weekly excerpt from Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast, noted author and occasional NFL roundtabler Stefan Fatsis wants to quibble with those writers who took last week's two-hour-long orgasm that ended the baseball regular season, and turned it into some kind of metaphor for life. In particular, he takes issue… » 10/05/11 3:20pm 10/05/11 3:20pm

Joe Posnanski's Profile Of Bill James Will Get You Pumped For Moneyball

It's like Sabermetric Christmas: "Yes, he was driven nuts early and often, and he raged back with a sort of funny, blunt and often searing writing that appealed to an audience nobody had realized existed. Bill James was not the first person to search for knowledge in baseball, not even close, but unlike anyone, he… » 9/21/11 1:10pm 9/21/11 1:10pm

Steve Carlton Really Was A One-Man Team In 1972

Joe Posnanski presents a backhanded defense of the old-fashioned statistic of baseball pitchers' wins today. True, the "winning pitcher" depends on his teammates playing defense and scoring runs for him; yes, great pitchers in bad circumstances can produce feeble win totals, and bad pitchers for great teams can pile… » 9/06/11 12:34pm 9/06/11 12:34pm