The Six Things You Should Know About Joe Posnanski's Paterno Book

Joe Posnanski has written a mostly sympathetic biography of Joe Paterno, which shouldn't be a surprise, given some of Posnanski's previous statements. It's a book at war with itself. At its best, it's a clear-eyed biography of a guy who became a cautionary tale about the dangers of mythmaking; at its worst, theā€¦ »8/20/12 5:03pm8/20/12 5:03pm


Joe Posnanski Says He Told Joe Paterno He Should Have Done More To Stop Jerry Sandusky

We've obtained a copy of Joe Posnanski's book, Paterno, which is scheduled for release Tuesday. We've already shared some reactions from others who have had a chance to read an advance copy. And while we're still parsing through the book, we're passing along certain details as we come across them. »8/19/12 5:20pm8/19/12 5:20pm