Joe Theismann Shills For Dan Snyder And Redskins Facts Site

As the two-minute warning approached in the first half of the Washington's preseason opener against the Patriots, Kenny Albert casually asked the Joe Theismann muppet with Dan Snyder's hand up its ass what it thought about the name controversy. Strap in, kids, Theismann has done a lot of research on this. » 8/07/14 10:47pm 8/07/14 10:47pm

Joe Theismann On The Super Bowl Halftime Show: "Beyonce Shit The House…

Joe Theismann is watching the Super Bowl along with the rest of us and he particularly seemed to enjoy the halftime show, featuring Beyonce rocking the house.
» 2/03/13 9:17pm 2/03/13 9:17pm

At least we assume. Maybe he was referring to the power outage? It is the Super Bowl after all, there's always a lot of stuff going on.

Joe Theismann And Mike Patrick Have Opinions On Pizza Boxes

It's somewhat jarring, seeing Joe Theismann back in the booth with Mike Patrick, albeit for a preseason Redskins game. It's even more jarring to see Theismann so shamelessly hawking Papa John's Pizza; we almost expected him to be dressed up in the uniform of a delivery boy. But most jarring, and most upsetting to… » 8/20/07 10:00am 8/20/07 10:00am

What We Wish We Could Bid On At The ESPN Auctions

Tomorrow is the last day to bid on official ESPN items to benefit The V Foundation, which helps cancer research and the ability to recruit in a somewhat shady manner. Most of the items are rather dull. An ESPN employee banner signed by Trey Wingo and Jeremy Schapp! A signed Bill Callahan Nebraska jersey! A signed… » 7/10/07 2:30pm 7/10/07 2:30pm

The Snow Is Finally Here, And The Playoffs Aren't Far Behind

For all the talk of Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck and a dogged night from Shaun Alexander, the main impression we took from last night's MNF Seahawks' win over the Packers was: SNOW! Screw Thanksgiving: We know the holidays are really upon us when it's snowing real hard and people are falling over and you can see… » 11/28/06 9:15am 11/28/06 9:15am