Madison Bumgarner Had An Endless, Awkward Staredown With Umpire Joe West 

You know Joe West. Of course you know Joe West, because West is the only MLB umpire who thinks you’re there to see him instead of the game. Picking fights, escalating confrontations, offering opinions when none are asked for, and ejecting West craves being the center of attention, and wants nothing more than to eject… »9/25/15 9:11am9/25/15 9:11am


Joe West Gets Clobbered Upside The Head, Starts Bleeding, Does Not Break Into Song

It was a tough night behind the dish for Joe West, who got knocked hard in the ol' noodle by the follow-through of Carlos Lee's swing. The game was delayed for a few minutes while West was attended to by the Braves' medical staff. Sadly, as far as we know, he did not pass the time by humming a few tunes from his… »8/01/12 9:05pm8/01/12 9:05pm