Jim Bowden Caught Stealing From Fake Twitter Account, Deletes Everything

Jim Bowden, former MLB executive, has fashioned himself a second career as a baseball pundit for ESPN and SiriusXM radio. Today, baseball's biggest day for movement, trade deadline day, Bowden appears to have gotten caught stealing a scoop without attribution. We know because he unwittingly stole it from a fake… »7/31/14 2:25pm7/31/14 2:25pm


Joe Girardi And Joel Sherman Had Themselves A Good Old Fashioned Bitchfest Last Night

Last night, the Yankees lost to the Orioles on a botched third out call that made everyone go a little crazy. It actually started before (and likely caused) the blown call: Mark Teixeira decided sliding head first was a good idea. He was called out. He then said the umps wanted to get home early and blew the call on… »9/09/12 11:10am9/09/12 11:10am