It Looks Like Joey Porter Will Be Spending Christmas In Jail On Felony Charges For Allegedly Passing Bad Checks

Last we heard former Steelers, Dolphins, and Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter's name around these parts, Chris Kluwe was telling us he was "a frothing dingleberry." Now those bounty hunters at Busted Coverage have caught up with Porter and found that things aren't goin' so great for him at present. »12/24/12 9:36am12/24/12 9:36am

Brandon Marshall Would Like to Get a Few Things Off His Chest

The Miami Dolphins walloped the Denver Broncos this past Sunday 27-16 and leading the post-game victory gloating was, of course, linebacker Joey Porter. After the victory, the nine-year veteran called Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall " soft" and said the Dolphins defense "got into his head" »11/05/08 9:15am11/05/08 9:15am, resulting in a…

Joey Porter Might Take This As Somewhat Of A Lack Of Respect

One of the funniest pieces by one of the funniest writers we know: The Mighty MJD's great Letter From Joey Porter's Pit Bull, in which the canine shows the same distaste for perceived disrespect as his notoriously batshit insane owner. Porter is amazing to watch because everything infuriates him; if you sneeze, Porter… »3/02/07 10:45am3/02/07 10:45am