Johan Santana's Mets Career Is Over

Johan Santana is done. He has another capsule tear, the same shoulder injury that sidelined him for all of 2011. He'll make the final decision this weekend whether to undergo surgery, the same surgery he had in Sept. of 2010, but this isn't the sort of thing that gets better with rest. He'll go under the knife, and… » 3/29/13 9:06am 3/29/13 9:06am

No, That Was Not The Largest Contract In Mets History: Ruining…

Remember in 2009 when Avatar made, like, $760 billion, and you were all like, "Holy shit, Avatar just made the most money of all time!" And then your dick movie-geek friend told you that, adjusted for inflation, Avatar was actually just the 14th-highest grossing movie of all time? And the highest was actually almost four … » 11/30/12 1:45pm 11/30/12 1:45pm

Florida's Jonathon Crawford Threw The First Postseason No-Hitter In 21…

#1 Florida's opening-round NCAA tournament game against Bethune-Cookman proved history-making, as sophomore pitcher Jonathon Crawford no-hit the Wildcats for the Gators' first solo no-hitter since May 23, 1991—when John Burke kept Furman hitless. » 6/02/12 10:30am 6/02/12 10:30am

Johan Santana No-Hit The Cardinals, Carlos Beltran Still Pissing Off…

Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in New York Mets history last night and, of course, it all hinged on Carlos Beltran. In the top of the sixth, Beltran hit a rocket down the third base line that was ruled foul and was clearly fair. It would be much ado about nothing, since these things happen all the time in… » 6/02/12 9:45am 6/02/12 9:45am

Johan Santana Wants To Seal The Testimony In His Ongoing Sexual…

New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana—forgive us if you didn't need that detail, but Santana hasn't pitched since the middle of last season—was accused last year of sexual assault on a golf course in October 2009. The woman said Santana approached her and raped her, as she was pleading with him to stop, while Santana… » 8/26/11 12:15pm 8/26/11 12:15pm

This Is A Photo Of A-Rod Holding Some Kale. You're Welcome.

Today, we give thanks to baseball for being back and to the New York Post for bringing our attention to this photo of Alex Rodriguez clutching a bundle of kale. The Post ran a story, adapted from a book called Diamond Dishes, about "the secret recipes that fuel" baseball's biggest stars. Among them: A-Rod's recipe for… » 3/31/11 3:30pm 3/31/11 3:30pm

The 2009 New York Mets: A Season Of Failure

The New York Mets are not the worst team in baseball. They are not even the most ineptly run franchise in their own division. Yet, their 2009 campaign may have forever redefined the concept of losing. » 9/01/09 5:30pm 9/01/09 5:30pm

Oye Como Va! Twice The Santana Means Twice The Fun

Please do not confuse Johan Alexander Santana Araque, pitcher for the Mets, with Ervin Ramon Santana, pitcher for the Angels. One is from Venezuela (chief exports: Petroleum, bauxite and aluminum) and one is from the Dominican Republic (predominant religion: Roman Catholicism). Unfortunately, we are well-supplied with … » 5/28/08 11:04am 5/28/08 11:04am