"This Is Live, Isn't It?" Asks The Rock Just After Dropping A "Bullshit" On …

Once again, John Buccigross is in the middle of daytime SportsCenter antics, this time with Dwayne Johnson, who may or may not still be using "The Rock" professionally. Johnson was on ESPN to promote some lame-ass Jurassic Park ripoff titled Journey 2, which sounds more like the name of Steve Perry's backup band than a… » 2/09/12 1:12pm 2/09/12 1:12pm

SportsCenter Sought On-Air Advice From Someone Named "Jizzy48"

We noted last week the 2pm Eastern SportsCenter has become a playground for the surreal, one anchors Chris McKendry and John Buccigross tend to enhance—if not outright endorse—with their quick wits and solid rapport. » 1/09/12 4:15pm 1/09/12 4:15pm