Reconstructing The Strange Rose Bowl Trip Of John "Meat" Chadima, Former Wisconsin Associate AD And Alleged Crotch-Grabber

When University of Wisconsin associate athletic director John Chadima abruptly resigned on Jan. 6, neither the school nor Chadima offered much explanation. Chadima, who handled scheduling and travel for a Wisconsin football team that had just returned from a Rose Bowl defeat, penned a resignation letter that was… »3/20/12 2:36pm3/20/12 2:36pm


Three Men Have Now Accused Wisconsin's Former Associate AD Of Sexual Misconduct

John Chadima had resigned in early January, and a subsequent report said it was because he allegedly grabbed the crotch of a subordinate during the football team's Rose Bowl trip. The subordinate, who turned out to be a student, did not wish to press charges, and neither did another accuser who came forward Monday.… »2/09/12 4:15pm2/09/12 4:15pm

Report: Wisconsin's Former Associate AD Resigned Because He Allegedly Groped A Male Subordinate

John Chadima resigned as the associate athletic director at the University of Wisconsin just after returning from the Rose Bowl earlier this month. Turns out he is accused of groping a male subordinate while at a party on that trip, according to what a source told WKOW, a television station in Madison, Wis.: »1/24/12 6:15pm1/24/12 6:15pm