Reconstructing The Strange Rose Bowl Trip Of John "Meat" Chadima, Former Wisconsin Associate AD And Alleged Crotch-Grabber

When University of Wisconsin associate athletic director John Chadima abruptly resigned on Jan. 6, neither the school nor Chadima offered much explanation. Chadima, who handled scheduling and travel for a Wisconsin football team that had just returned from a Rose Bowl defeat, penned a resignation letter that was… »3/20/12 2:36pm3/20/12 2:36pm


Three Men Have Now Accused Wisconsin's Former Associate AD Of Sexual Misconduct

John Chadima had resigned in early January, and a subsequent report said it was because he allegedly grabbed the crotch of a subordinate during the football team's Rose Bowl trip. The subordinate, who turned out to be a student, did not wish to press charges, and neither did another accuser who came forward Monday.… »2/09/12 4:15pm2/09/12 4:15pm