This Photo Of ESPN's John Clayton With Slayer Is Pretty Metal

A terrific SportsCenter ad came to life at Friday night's Slayer show in Seattle. There are no conclusions to draw here about John Clayton's ponytail, but nothing rocks harder than a cell phone clip on some dad jeans. » 11/04/13 12:07pm 11/04/13 12:07pm

It Turns Out John Clayton Does Have A Ponytail (In A "This Is

Aha! We have a development in one of the most hotly debated issues currently occupying bandwidth on the internet: Does John Clayton have a ponytail? Answer: No, but ESPN'll make him look ridiculous for the sake of a pretty good commercial. » 9/06/12 1:40pm 9/06/12 1:40pm

John Clayton Does Not Have A Ponytail, But He Does Have A Mullet

The I-Team investigated this some time ago, only to be told by ESPN that NFL analyst John Clayton did not have a ponytail but only a "mess of hair in back." Clayton hasn't been seen much in Bristol since then, limiting his exposure to face-frontal shots via satellite, but tonight he made a rare studio appearance in… » 12/14/11 10:10pm 12/14/11 10:10pm