Did John Elway's Son Get Special Treatment In His Assault Case?

Back in May, John Elway III was charged with assault and disturbing the peace after his girlfriend told police that he'd dragged her out of his car by her hair and pushed her to the ground when she tried to get back into the vehicle. At a hearing on Sept. 16, he copped a nice plea deal that included dropping the… » 10/03/14 5:10pm 10/03/14 5:10pm

Adam Schefter Was Once Pranked Into "Reporting" John Elway's Nipple Ring

In a SportsJournalists.com message board thread on this week's excellent Adam Schefter profile in the Washington Post, one long-memoried poster recalled a wonderful story from Schefter's days on the Broncos beat, one of the better and meaner sports media pranks of all time. » 9/05/14 4:17pm 9/05/14 4:17pm

Even After Seven TDs, Peyton Manning Can't Escape John Elway's Shadow

According to the Columbus Dispatch, it was ol' No. 7 who put a historic hurting on the Baltimore Ravens last night. There's never really a good excuse for mistaking John Elway for Peyton Manning, but this definitely shouldn't happen the morning after a record-setting performance like the one Manning gave last night. » 9/06/13 9:30am 9/06/13 9:30am

Should Mitt Romney Be Worried About That John Elway Endorsement?

The Romney campaign announced today that they have the coveted Elway endorsement. Yes, John Elway is pro-Mitt.
From the release: » 10/01/12 10:01pm 10/01/12 10:01pm

The Zinedine Zidane Headbutt Statue Is A Powerful Homage To French…

You've probably heard by now that France - a country that Lady Liberty would tell you knows from great statues - has unveiled one of the world's finest tributes to tantrums. The pair of 16-foot resin figures outside the Pompidou Center depict everyone's favorite soccer violence blooper: Zinedine Zidane's forehead… » 9/29/12 10:55pm 9/29/12 10:55pm

For Your Consideration: A Man Wearing An Airbrushed T-Shirt With John…

I'm not saying the guy is as bad as Hitler. That's definitely not what I'm saying. Hitler, we all know, was a real motherfucker. I'm just sayin', Elway? The guy's a dick, you know? And the fans? Do not get me started. Thinking they're so special with their mile high salute. Well how 'bout this salute? Youknow what… » 9/17/12 9:30pm 9/17/12 9:30pm

John Elway Has Become That Dude Playing Dollar Blackjack At The Golden…

This is from Sunday, but it's so priceless we had to take a look at it. John Elway, perhaps the greatest quarterback in NFL history, stopped by the booth for a conversation with Terry Bradshaw during this weekend's 49ers-Broncos game in Denver—and he came dressed quite curiously. Maybe this is haute couture, but it… » 8/28/12 9:00am 8/28/12 9:00am

Why Your Team Sucks 2012: Denver Broncos

Some people are fans of the Denver Broncos. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Denver Broncos. This 2012 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group. Read the other Why Your Team Sucks 2012 previews here. » 7/19/12 1:45pm 7/19/12 1:45pm

How The Broncos Got Peyton Manning

It came down to Arizona, Tennessee and Denver. Those three teams, sans Miami, that everyone expected to be on Peyton Manning's radar were the three finalists in Manning's search for a new team. Manning wanted a chance to win, but more than that, he wanted to go where he would have friends. Ken Whisenhunt, the old… » 3/27/12 1:10pm 3/27/12 1:10pm

John Elway Has Brass Balls

Whether or not you agree with an NFL team handing a potential $60 million in guarantees to a guy who has neck leprosy, I think that we can come to a consensus on one thing: John Elway has really big balls. HUGE balls. Balls the size of light bulbs. His balls are so big, you could harvest stem cells from them and plant… » 3/19/12 1:35pm 3/19/12 1:35pm

John Elway On Tebow Time: "It Hasn't Worked Yet"

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Tebow receives a not-so-ringing endorsement from Elway. » 10/31/11 5:30pm 10/31/11 5:30pm

Shannon Sharpe's HOF Induction Speech Was Not Exciting Enough To Keep…

Your morning roundup for August 7, the day London was burning, and we lived by the river. Screencap via eagle-eyed reader Rob, who says he "fucking hates John Elway." See anything that might interest us? Email the tips line. » 8/07/11 10:00am 8/07/11 10:00am

Man Stakes Claim To Biggest-Fan Title By Dedicating His Leg To John…

Meet Joey Bouchard of Centennial, Colo. The Denver Post will tell you everything else you need to know about this gentleman: » 8/04/11 12:30am 8/04/11 12:30am

Here's The Video Where LeBron James Takes Flopping To Heretofore Unseen…

Your morning roundup for May 27, the day it helps to have a background in mathematics if you want to work for Pauly Shore. Video H/T Allen W » 5/27/11 9:45am 5/27/11 9:45am

Here's A Visual Reimagining Of Elway's Super Bowl Helicopter Spin,…

The fine people at Playboy were kind enough to send along a link to "Greatest Super Bowl Moments With Jaime Edmondson." Here's how they explain what's going on: » 2/02/11 12:00am 2/02/11 12:00am

Elway's Back, Bitches

With the Denver Broncos franchise essentially reduced to rubble, John Elway will face a hell of a lot more than 98 yards versus a Cleveland Browns defense when the team introduces him as VP of football operations this week. » 1/02/11 11:00am 1/02/11 11:00am

It's Just A Matter Of Time Before John Elway's Back With The Broncos

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Elway puts his name out there. » 12/13/10 4:00pm 12/13/10 4:00pm