NFL To Investigate Chicago Bears For Failing To Disclose Full Injury Report To Media

Matt Forte and Pernell McPhee didn’t travel to St. Louis for the Bears’ game against the Rams this weekend. Chicago told their opponents about the injuries, but they did not comply with NFL rules on properly notifying the media, and because of that, the NFL is “looking into” the matter, according to PFT. »11/15/15 2:29pm11/15/15 2:29pm


Fox Gets Conservative: Did The Denver Coach's Risk-Averse Strategy Cost The Broncos A Playoff Victory?

NFL coaches will often refer to "playing the percentages." But if there's one thing I've learned by studying strategic decisions, it's that coaches don't have a firm grasp of those percentages. And when anyone is uncertain of the odds, he'll fall back on the sure thing. That was the case with Broncos coach John Fox, … »1/13/13 11:27pm1/13/13 11:27pm